Last-minute Eid decorations

Cultural appropriation can be a good thing. Kardashians-in-cornrows have given the concept a bad name – but if I were to limit my house to “traditional” Eid decor, it would look like a plastic lantern factory exploded on the set of a low-budget Aladdin production. Truth be told, some of our best Ramadan and Eid ideas are derived from elegant decorations from other traditions. I know some people take issue with that, and maybe if Eid trees start becoming a thing, I may too (unless they are date trees, with which I’d be totally cool). In the meantime, when I see something like this:
ornamentsI have no problem calling the design Moroccan and turning it into this:
FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

“Instructions” couldn’t be simpler, you’ve probably already figured them out just by looking at the close-up. But in case a month of fasting has slowed your wits, you’ll need:

  • 6 inch wide strips of decorative paper (I suggest double-sided, I used single-sided and will probably regret it for years to come)
    The length you cut your strips will depend on the final shape you want. I used two of each: 6″, 8″, and 10″. The bigger the gap between the strip lengths, the more pronounced your shape will be.
  • Glue the 2 shortest strips together for the spine. Then line up the tops of all the strips in this order: long, medium, short (spine), medium, long and staple them together.
  • Gently push/bend your strips so you can line of the other end of the strips and staple that end.
  • Once you have four or more, you can make them into a tessellated figure like I did above. I was actually going to make a giant one with about 24 of these, but when I laid them out to see how it would look, I got scared. It looked like an evil bacteria. But that might work for you, so feel free.
    Each one of these takes less than 2 minutes to put together and the pictures really don’t do them justice. Yours can look completely different if you play around with the width and length of the strips.You can also add more strips if your stapler can handle it.

To all those celebrating this week, have a wonderful Eid. Our family got a wonderful surprise Eid gift yesterday in the form of this incredible bit of fluffiness:

FullSizeRender 6
               Introducing Señor (or Señorita) Cilantro! Our farm’s very first chick born from one of our own girls


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