Those tassel garlands you’re seeing everywhere

I am normally a punctual person. But when it comes to craft trends, I run about 3-6 months behind schedule. I have been seeing these tassel garlands decorating everything from “gallery walls” (yup, I was late on that one too) to boutique grand openings. To be fair, part of my delay was in thinking they looked too complicated to make quickly and Michael’s was selling them in a kit. But I’m here telling you to put that kit down and make your way over to a dollar store/party store/Target-type store and grab a few plastic tablecloths. You could literally make hundreds of these for the price you’d pay for one dinky kit. Once you get the hang of it, you can train your kids and start an assembly line of legal child laborers.

I have to say thank you to Melanie Ham for putting together a simple video showing (not telling!) how to do this. I thought about writing a purely text-based explanation just to mess with your mind a little and also to serve as a Mensa test but thought better of it. So for all you visual learners, this is the video I used to make these beauties:


I made mine shorter and fatter because… Eid. But once you get the hang of it you can modify as desired by changing the size of the original rectangle. If you’re wondering about the color choice. I was inspired by Hello Holy Days’ call for #purpleramadan. She gives a beautiful explanation here and I was on board within seconds of hearing about it at Salaam Shop. I know you are all distracted by the giant purple flowers, I am too. Especially because… I made them! I promise instructions are forthcoming once I get over making them seem impossibly complex and something only a true artiste could ever pull off. They are time-consuming, but the truth is that despite what hucksters online will try to tell you, if you remember your elementary cutting and gluing skills, you too could soon be in possession of such beauty.



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    Wow, masha’Allah! These look expensive! I somehow missed the tassel garlands trend. I’ve only been seeing those vintage British garlands (what are they called??) — the ones with the triangles that people make out of fabric and string up in garden parties? I saw them first on the Great British Bake-Off… Anyway, these are amazing! Good job!

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      Aw, thanks.
      It think you mean bunting, right? I’ve always felt those looked too “post-WWII” for indoors 🙂

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