PicMonkey’s New Grid Feature

At this point, if you have not used PicMonkey, I am going to take it as a personal offence. PM is a free online tool that is ostensibly for editing pictures. But I can honestly say that I have almost never used it for that purpose. Instead, it is my go-to for any design or graphics needs. Photoshop is scary and makes me feel like an imposter that snuck in without a ticket. PM is user-friendly and their team is constantly adding new features to make my life better.

One thing I could never design on PM was anything requiring a grid (think calendars, charts, etc…) because the idea of having to line things up using my eyeballs makes me cross-eyed just thinking about.

BUT NOW… behold:

Maybe your heart isn’t palpitating like mine was when I saw they had added this feature, but it should be (though not so much you’d need medical attention). I can now make calendars and charts to my palpitating heart’s content. In celebration, and to encourage you to try this function for yourself, I’ve made calendar pages for August and September. Fridays are in green because … Jum’a.

What other possibilities are now open to us? Leave more ideas in the comments….


For full-sized renderings, click on the images. These are intended to print at 5×7 but can go larger as well.




august calender in holder
Printed with a coloured background and corners rounded

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