DIY Cord Tacos

This is not a recipe, but every time I would mention to my husband that I needed to try to make these cord tacos, he would complain I was making him hungry. So I don’t want to be guilty of a bait and switch. There will be no actual food in this post.

What does follow is an attempt to bring some order to this heinousness:


I’m not proud. But this proves my street cred. Keeping my house organized doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of crying work and ingenuity. I was pretty excited to see Crate and Barrel offering these cuties
set of 5 cord tacosBut I was NOT happy with the price (39.95) for a few pieces of jaunty shoe leather. I will admit their pictures look better than mine, but I don’t have the advantages of a dedicated hair, makeup, and lighting crew for my crafts.
FullSizeRender 6
I present to you $2 Cord Tacos. Will these solve my cord issue? Maybe. Maybe Marie Kondo would look at the drawer and gingerly tip the lot out in the rubbish bin. (If they’re not plugged in they’re not being used!)
Anyhow, if you think these may be of use, they couldn’t be easier to make. I made some with suede and some with a sheet of patterned felt. The patterned felt was far easier to work with, cheaper, and look nicer now. However, the suede is more useful for heavy duty use and I think will retain its shape better. You can also spray paint it gold and tell people you may have picked it up from Crate and Barrel because you’re fancy like that.
FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 4

I won’t insult you with the steps, just make sure you set the button at the top of the inside of the taco, not the outside as would be intuitive.


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    Read this while stuck in the airport ! Very useful, funny but I am getting a bit hungry !

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      You and my husband both! But I can vouch for these being utterly inedible!

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