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My last blog began as a way to chronicle the crafts and decorations I made to prepare my home and kids for Ramadan. This was back before Pinterest and Muslim lifestyle shops started popping up in every city and Instagram account. While it’s hard to come up with something nobody has seen or done before, I still think there’s value in sharing what I am able to do with and for my family – if only to show the perspective of a non-Pinterest-perfect person who still wants to give this thing a try.

Along with the usual cast of characters that makes its way in and out of my giant Ramadan boxes every year, I added a Ramadan tote bag this year as a way to get the kids in the mood. Each tote is different and geared toward the recipient’s interests and age.IMG_6398

The bags are simple canvas bags that I stencilled and painted, same with the t-shirts (I’ll give instructions later). The gorgeous mushaf, Ilyas and Duck book, and door hangers are all from Salam Shop. The little toys are from Hobby Lobby, the journals (for the older kids to record their goals) I found at the dollar store and the most exciting item for the littlest one: It’s Ramadan, Curious George is available on Amazon. I cannot even imagine what it would have been like to see a character out of the canon of English children’s literature celebrating Ramadan. Sometimes it feels like my kids are facing a much harder world, but things like this give me hope.
Since taking the picture, I’ve added some other little treats and a homemade coloring book for the littlest. Before anyone gets too excited, I just googled appropriate coloring pages, printed them out and made a cover page with her name on it. I’ll also be adding lantern lacing cards and build-a-masjid kits for her to use quietly during taraweeh prayers. These days of fasting are going to be long but I want to make sure that my kids look forward to this month as the highlight of their year.

ramadan banner

As for decorations, if you still have some undecorated spots left that need a little Ramadan-spruce-me-up, feel free to print out this banner. This banner is simple and light and goes nicely in front of a bookshelf. It’s ready to print and cut. You can either punch a hole and thread ribbon through the circles, or run double sided tape along the backs and stick the ribbon that way. Enjoy!

Ramadan Banner lettersClick pictures for link to full-sized print. Be sure to bring it up to 100% before printing.

Also, some matching tags, one set for Ramadan, or for Eid:

Ramadan Mubarak TagsEid Mubarak Tags

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