What’s this blog about?

The kids have grown (a bit) and my craft room has moved to a far corner of the house. I still craft, but it’s hard to come up with something Pinterest hasn’t seen before. So while I will still post the occasional craft or project, this blog will have a different focus from www.craftingwithintention.blogspot.com, my old home. My contribution to the glut of blogs out there will be a synthesis of the best of my research and readings. I am not a “lifestyle” expert – or maybe I am, is there accreditation for that?
What I am is a voracious reader and experimenter. I chomp through hundreds of books a month many of which are devoted to finding that elusive “good life” we are all striving for. Every week I will bring you the curated best of what I read and find; whether a book synopsis, website find, new habit that has transformed my life. Everything will be tested and vetted. And of course, crafts destined for use, not the rubbish bin.
As a Muslim I will certainly sift through and edit out the advice that doesn’t fit with my life. As a mother, I will always be on the lookout for practices that enrich these fleeting years with my children. As a woman, I will champion causes that further women’s rights. And as a me, I will talk your ear off about what speaks to the needs that I see in myself and so many of those around me; the spiritual, social, physical, aesthetic needs. The organizational needs. The productivity needs. The need to go to bed every night feeling that today was a good day. A day lived with intention.

P.S. Why the random bicycle? I didn’t learn to ride a bike as a child. Though my parents tried, I think I threatened to sue/turn them in to Interpol if they kept trying. Years later, I wanted my kids to see me try and fail and try and succeed at something clearly out of my comfort zone. For days I made an absolute fool of myself. But one day: I did not fall. I rode all around our neighbourhood hearing the squeaking cheers of my children follow me. I came back to find that a small group of neighbors had joined them in the bleachers (my front lawn). I often look back on that experience when I embark on something new and uncomfortable. Hence, the bicycle.